Winamp Media Player Download

Winamp Media Player, Download the Latest Version!

Winamp Media Player, written by Nullsoft and now owned by subsidiary of AOL, is a proprietary media player that allows you to manage and play audio and video files, rip and burn CDs, access and share your music and videos remotely, sync your music to your iPod and enjoy tons of aesthetic skins. The software supports portable media players. It can also be used as an RSS media feeds aggregator which enables users to display contents such as articles, download or play that same content as streaming media.

Winamp Media Player 5: The Latest Version.
The most recent version of the program is Winamp Media Player 5 that supports all Windows Operative Systems. The software is also available in more that 15 Languages such as Turkish, Swedish, Chinese & Brazilian Portuguese. In fact, it is a strong alternative to players such as iTunes.
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